A selection of seasonal walks in Moidart
Here are twelve splendid walks specially chosen to complement a particular time of a year.  Of course, you can do the walks at any season, but some walks are better done at the suggested time because of local conditions, such as summer bracken growth.

Each walk should take less than four hours: the length of Highland walks has little relevance - time is a more important factor.

The maps on this site only show a representation of each walk, and the walks should not be attempted without the relevant Ordnance Survey map (Explorer 390, 1:25000, covers all these walks) and a compass. Please take note of all the precautions mentioned on the Walking page.   Remember that you are responsible for your own safety at all times and that we cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss which might happen if you follow one of these walks.

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The walks



   Winter (December, January, February)



11, 106

Moderate: Open hillside, ruined village, corn kilns


68, 87, 105, 122

Moderate: Adventurous route through woodlands

High Mingarry

2, 17, 59, 66, 116

Easy: Woods, open hillside and historic bridges

   Spring (March, April, May)

Samalaman Caves

20, 83, 110

Moderate: Secret caves on a romantic shoreline


10, 61, 74, 100

Moderate: Coastal walk, ruined village & burial ground

Singing Sands

51, 108, 119

Moderate: Long forest walk to a superb sandy beach

   Summer (June, July, August)

Three Old Maids

12, 63, 85, 113

Hard: Steep climb, stunning views, mountain lochs


27, 75, 92, 117

Moderate: Through a crofting village to sparkling sands


15, 58, 94, 109, 118

Easy: Delightful river, lovely beaches and a castle view

   Autumn (September, October, November)

Fee Donald Mine

(107), 69, 117

Moderate: Industrial archaeology and crystals

Dalilea Low Road

6, 55, 79, 124

Easy: Coffin cairns and a fishy rock on a woodland walk

Salen / Tarbert

13, 34, 42, 99

Hard: Wartime reminders and an old road

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