The crofting village of Smirisary and the White Sands

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Smirisary village

Start near the end of the Glenuig to Smirisary road, NM 654774, OS Explorer 390

Possibly the most popular walk in the area, the car park at the end of the public road sometimes gets full.

Walk to the end of the road and through the gate.

Follow the path past the cottage across the field, go through another gate and take the left track at the cairn. This track climbs over the hill and eventually brings you out at the top of Smirisary village. A few years ago this village was derelict but many of the houses have now been reconstructed as holiday homes.

If you look down towards the sea you will see two houses on the far side of the valley at the bottom, walk down until you are near the top one of these. You should see a low ridge running southwards (to your left) and this has a path along the top of it which will eventually take you to Whitesands, a fine sandy beach.

On the way the path crosses a steep ravine with fairly rough paths on either side and other parts of this track are rather wet, but the beautiful beach is worth the effort.

When you return, you can cross the village keeping parallel with the shore - the first white house you come to, with a small wind turbine, was once the home of Margaret Leigh, who wrote "Spade Among the Rushes", a book about Smirisary fifty years ago. Behind her house is a steep track which rejoins the original track back to the car park.

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