Up to the Fee Donald Mine

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Start at the Ariundle National Nature Reserve on the unclassified road north of Strontian, NM 825633 on OS Explorer 390

This is a long, hard walk but it has a good track all the way.

Park the car at the Ariundle National Nature Reserve Car park.

Please note that dogs have to be kept on a lead.

Fee Donald mIne

The mine is at the end of the track originally built for carts bringing lead ore down from the mines. The first part of the track runs through the nature reserve and you will be able to see many fine trees at the wayside.

Look out for an old beech with woodpecker holes right next to the path. The top of the wood was originally an oak plantation, probably planted for charcoal production.

Just beyond the gate, the road forks and you take the left hand track continuing up the hill. You will reach another gate and a wooden bridge over a steep gully. This is not an ancient bridge but the stone abutments built by the miners are worth a look - a lot of work for a small bridge.

The path then leaves the wood and climbs across the open hill until you reach the spoil heaps of the old lead mine.

When you get to the flat area at the top, spend some time looking at the spoil heaps, you will almost certainly find some silver-blue crystals of galena, lead sulphide, glinting among the stones.

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