A forest walk above Camusaine

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Starting point - A861 between Resipole and Strontian, NM 756 612, OS Explorer 390

Park as far off the road as you can at the bottom of the grassy track.

Follow the track up the hill, noting the alder plantation on your right. Behind it is an area of cultivated ground. At the top of the plantation is one of James Cameron's distinctive fence strainers.

The track passes several fields before entering the woods. Listen and you should hear the waterfall on your left - approach it with care, the ravine is very deep.

The track passes over an old stone culvert and you take the right fork which goes up to the forestry block. As you pass the spruce trees on your left look for a huge old tree trunk on the right, this was a pollard oak probably hundreds of years old.

Carry on up the track to the end and then go a bit further up to reach the old oak trees. Turn right and go across the rough ground back towards the sea.

As you get lower you should find a stream on the left, follow this to the road and pass through an old gateway a few metres right of the bridge.

Cross the road carefully and push through the brackens and birches keeping parallel with the line of oak trees on the left.

At the bottom the bracken gives way to heather and you come to a strange collection of rocks under the birch trees. Nobody really knows why they are there.

Cross the rocks to the beach which you can follow round to the right back to the car. If you have sharp eyes you may see an old loading wharf and several strange piles of stones at high tide mark.

A James Cameron Strainer
A James Cameron Strainer

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