Expedition 117 - 7th August 2004

This was the best expedition ever in the opinion of some of the participants - we got a great day, plenty of interesting features to look at and a chance to play on the beach. It was a good turnout of fourteen explorers: Abbie, Alexander, Alexandria, Allan, Benjamin T., Carol-Anne, Hugo, John Donaldson, Loren, Matthew, Matthew Evans, Robin, Ruth and Sarah; plus Emmanuelle, John Dove, José, Philippa and Sandra as helpers with dogs Brucie and Lady to fetch things.

Since it was a calm day, and John Donaldson had been out fishing nearby the day before, there was a chance of a lot of fish in the bay, which could attract a whale or dolphin. Our first stop on the walk was at a lookout point where we got a good view out to Eigg - the sea was quite flat but we didn't see any whales. Then we scrambled down the steep path into Smirisary village, coming out incidentally at the house where Margaret Leigh used to live. We crossed the village and I took a picture of everyone on the rocks.

The next bit was the paths to the White Sands, very muddy in places, those with wellies were glad they took them. We made a diversion towards the beach to examine a big cave which was once used as a house, nearly everyone got right to the back of the cave in spite of not having a torch. Outside the cave was an old corn kiln, plus a lot of stinging nettles, which resulted in our only casualties.

It was then just a short walk to the beach, where the sun was shining and almost everyone went into the sea. There were thousands of little bees in the grass - after a quick demonstration of their lack of aggression, everyone ignored them. Alexandria found the only cowrie shell.
We came back via the top of the village and the high path - some of us were pretty tired by the time we got back to The Pantry.John Dye


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