Expedition 110 - 17th April 2004
Samalaman to Smirisary

This was another dampish day, but that didn't stop us, the numbers were back up to fifteen explorers: Abbie, Adrian, Alasdair, Alexander D., Alexandria, Allan, Benjamin, Chloe, Donald, Jamie, John Donaldson, Peter William, Sarah, Sterling and Thomas; eight adults: Chris, Dot, Hamish, John Dove, Moira, Pamela Peter, Philippa and Brucie as the expedition dog.
We assembled at the Samalaman boathouse and walked through the woods on the high path as far as the little cottage by the shore. Then we kept to the shore and finally reached the first group of caves below Samalaman House. There were a lot of cairns and crevices here which needed investigating and it took some time to see them all.
Then we worked slowly along the base of the cliff, examining every possible cave, including one high up on a rock face, finally reaching the big cave at the start of the Smirisary crofts. Everyone had a good look round using their torches and we were able to see a lot of white balls of spider eggs suspended from the ceiling. We stopped here for a break and the weather got a bit better.
We retraced our steps but this time we took the lower route and saw another group of caves with walls in front of them. When we got back to the beach there was some investigation of the shoreline before we all returned to the Pantry.John Dye

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