Expedition 108 - 20th March 2004
The Singing Sands

Expedition number 108 was one of the wettest ever, it rained before we started, it rained all the time we were out and it only let up after we reached the Pantry. I was amazed to see so many volunteers on a day like that, sixteen explorers: Abbie, Adrian, Alexander, Alexandria, Allan, Benjamin, James Strachan, John Donaldson, Katie, Penny, Peter William, Rhiannan, Sarah and Thomas; six adults: Ann, Craig, John Evans, Pamela, Peter and Sandra and Brucie as the expedition wet dog.

Before we left the church, the explorers had a look at Wee Tobermory's grave and heard a bit of his history, if you want to know, you'll have to ask one of them, then it was into the cars and off to Arivegaig where we got ourselves prepared for the weather and set off across the bridge. Some of the more thoughtful of us had good wet weather gear but others just went out to get as wet as possible and were splashing through the first puddles in their trainers and climbing up to take a shower in a waterfall.

We had a quick look at the Gorten power station but it wasn't running on that day, certainly not for lack of water. After the second bridge we had a look in the tadpole pool but no frogspawn to be seen. From there on it was a steady slog and squelch along the path, noting such features as the site of the old school. An attempt was made to locate the cave but without success and nearly all of us arrived at the Singing Sands, although nobody was singing on that day. However, a beach is a beach and the young explorers ran down for a paddle and one even managed a short swim before wolfing down a Tunnock's wafer with the rest of us.

Shortly before everyone froze we were back marching up the path again, and this time the cave was identified and visited, even showing Wee Tobermory's cup and egg cup, although most of the girls gave it a miss in their determination to reach home.

After the cave it was downhill and the group became a bit spread out as the front ones got their second wind. There was a bit more paddling in the Gorten burn for one explorer and then a brisk walk back to the car and the ever welcome and welcoming Pantry.John Dye


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