Expedition 107 - 6th March 2004
Ariundle and Ceann a'Chreagain

This was one of the distant expeditions, we all had to drive to Ariundle before we could start. It wasn't great weather but we still got a good turnout: it wasn't fine, but not as wet as we expected. Yet again we got a good turnout: Adrian, Alasdair, Alexander, Alexandria, Allan, Chloe, Donald, James Strachan, Jamie, John Donaldson, Katie, Peter William, Rhiannan and Sarah; five adults: Ann, Dot, John Evans, Peter and Sandra and, unusually, no dogs.

Starting at the Ariundle Car Park we followed the old miners' track through the woods, stopping to examine some fresh frogspawn and a very old birch we call the Schwarzenegger Tree. It proved to be a hard climb up the hill for some of the team, but we all reached the old house at Ceann a'Chreagain in good form and ready for a break and a biscuit.

After the break we examined the remains of the farm buildings and a platform where they used to build hay ricks. Then we went down to the big fank, stopping at a possible ancient cairn on the way, and had a look a the stonework, which appeared to have an old gateway built into it. At this stage we were getting cold and a long way from home, so we set off once again to Ariundle where the promise of lunch at the Centre was a big attraction.John Dye

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