Expedition 85 - 19th April 2003
The Three Old Maids

This was a beautiful day with a good turnout of people, some of whom were visitors to the area. The explorers were: Allan, Amy Schofield, Benjamin, JD, Kathryn, Loren, Matthew, Neil and Thomas, with Ann, Ben, John Evans, Neil, Pamela, Philippa, Rosia, Sandra and Stephen helping, plus Bruce and Crunchie as expedition dogs.
We started from the ruins of Brunery Farm, where the cattle were grateful for this added entertainment to their dull lives. Then we made our way up the steep hill, noting such features as the old branch path to Kinlochmoidart and a clapper bridge. As we got higher we got a reasonable view of a golden eagle on the skyline and to the west we could see the smoke from the many fronts of the big fire around Ben Laga. Just where we left the path we saw the remains of two small houses, possibly shielings in the old days.
Leaving the path we crossed the hill to the Three Old Maids, which are two pointed rock outcrops with a perched boulder in between them. There is a small shelter under the boulder and the explorers crawled in and enjoyed the view out over Loch Moidart.
When we had all got our breath back, since the day was fine and we still had plenty of strength, we decided to carry on up the hill to Loch na Paitean, and we reached it in another half an hour. We spent a good time on the shore of the loch looking at the view (and watching the dog swimming) before going back down to Brunery, a far faster trip than the climb.

The Picture
Allan did a lively sketch showing an alarmed frog being grabbed by Benjamin. Loren turned out a very interesting coloured design. Kathryn showed the zigzag path and the Three Old Maids as well as a toad. Matthew showed Benjamin with a hat and Neil, Benjamin and Thomas did complex sketches showing several aspects of the walk.John Dye


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