Expedition 79 - 18th January 2003

This time we got good weather, but there was another event going on so we only had two explorers: Benjamin and Thomas Powell, with Ann and Pamela helping.
We started out from Langal and moved up the road, looking at the boulder clay and an ancient building at the side of the road. At the top of the road we examined the bridge where an old witch was said to grab unmarried boys, but our two explorers found no sign of her, even under the bridge.
Crossing the fence we came to the old bank dyke which runs down from the hill above the Poor's House to the shore of Loch Shiel and followed it for some distance. Then we crossed the hill and climbed into the woods to the top point where we rested at the Fish Rock (because I think it looks like a lumpfish). Here we had our biscuits and Benjamin apparently swallowed a loose tooth, he had it when he arrived but not when he left.
Coming down the hill on the south side we stopped at some big old pines where we saw some wood wasp holes and the boys discovered a mass of feathers where a bird of prey had recently been feeding. We rejoined the bank dyke and followed it down to the Low Road.
Coming back along the Low Road we counted all the funerary cairns. This time we got 86 - last time it was 88!John Dye

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