Expedition 75 - 28th September 2002
Round to Smirisary

This was a breezy day and we took a bit of time to get started - John went off first with Amy, D-J, John Donaldson and Robin and got onto a hill at Smirisary where we used the telescope to try to see whales. We didn't see any whales or dolphins, the visibility was not great and the sea was not calm enough, but we did see groups of gulls feeding where there were concentrations of fish and several fishing boats. After a short time, John MacMillan turned up with Jack and Lucy and we started the expedition.
We went down the valley from the car park, over the clapper bridge and past the houses. Finally we got down the slope and reached the little settlement at the shore where we looked at a cave which had a wall in front of it and some stones to sit on. When we had got our breath back we set out along the shore towards old Smirisary village. The explorers found a rather smelly dead seal on the beach. It had a rope round it and had obviously been dragged ashore. We moved well away from the smell to find a place for a break by the sea.
After our rest we went to the back of the old storm beach and found several caves: the first one went right through the cliff and came out at the other side, the second one was pretty big and Lucy took the torch and got right to the back of it, which was full of round beach stones. There were several big spiders in the top of the cave, with round white bundles of eggs hanging down. The third cave was very narrow and nobody went in.
Then we got to the main village and looked at several of the old houses and borrowed the use of a swing set up on a small tree before starting the big climb to the top of the hill and the walk back to the cars.
We returned to the Centre to draw pictures and then to the Pantry for some warming lunch.John Dye

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