Expedition 69 - 10th November 2001
Camus a'Choirce

It had been freezing for two days and was raining when we met, which might have been the reason for a low turnout: only Amy, Iain and Robert with Ann, Craig and Sandra as helpers.
We started from the Camus a'Choirce Bridge which was built to the Parliamentary pattern in about 1807. The expedition took the path on the east side of the burn and slowly climbed through the woods, stopping at a series of recessed platforms, sites of buildings, waterfalls and coppiced trees on the way. When we reached the top we took a different route through the oak woods and plantations.
Back at the road, John explained that there seemed to be a cutting in the stream bed which looked like a mill diversion near the old house. The explorers walked for a while down the route of the old road and stopped at a point where they could see four different roads from the very old one below to the new one above them.
We then drove to Ariundle for soup and had a look at the demonstration of a charcoal burning site. On the way home we called at the construction site where the new secondary school is being built. John Dye

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