Expedition 66 - 28th September 2001
Mingarry and the Blacksmith's Croft

After two weeks of clear skies the day started with pouring rain, but it stopped and we got a fairly dry expedition apart from the trees dripping on us.
We had eight explorers: Amie MacMaster, Carol-Anne, David John, Iain, John Donaldson, Lucy MacMillan, Robert and Robin, with David and John MacMillan as helpers.
During the expedition the explorers collected material which they examined afterwards with the new microscope, although most found it all to complicated to draw. We started from the Mingarry Bridge and walked up the path to the top gate; then we headed east along the burn to the house which I call the Blacksmith's House. After a short snack we carried on down the burn to the start of the long dyke where we all crossed the fence. We climbed through the larch plantation, keeping close to the dyke until we reached the line of old oak trees. Here we crossed the dyke and, following a branch dyke, climbed up to the top of the hill where we rested again on a wall which could have been a place for catching cattle. Crossing the wall we looked at a series of old houses all round the top of the hill, crossing the fence once more at the top of the 'Blacksmith's Croft'. Then we crossed back to the gate and down the path to Mingarry Bridge.John Dye

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