Expedition 61 - 12th May 2001

A trip to Edinburgh had lost us one trip so it was four weeks since the Strontian walk. After a week of very hot weather we got an overcast morning with a few spots of rain at the beginning - at least it wasn't too hot. Only three explorers came: Amy, David John and Robert.
First we drove to the top of the causeway road and took a short walk to the corn kiln at Kylesmore while we waited to see if anyone else would meet us. Coming back we unlocked the gate and drove down to the shore where we left the car and walked along the beach. Amy drew everyone's attention to a zone by the sea where the beach was hissing and bubbles were coming out.
About a hundred metres further on we reached the old lead mine, which John and the boys were able to get well into, since the dry weather had reduced its water level.
Continuing along the shore we found a strange little stone house with a screen wall preventing light from the doorway being seen to the east. John thought this could have been an old house used by a smuggler.
A little further on we came to the Customs Man's house at Aultigil where everyone looked at the fireplaces and John told them how the place was built where it could be overlooked by a local man on Shona Bheag who would signal his friends when the Inspector went out.
After a short rest we continued along the cliff path and climbed the stile to reach the house once occupied by the MacDougal brothers. After another rest we continued to look at the old graveyard at Egnaig with its small children's graves and then we went on into the village itself but we only got as far as the big tree (which the three explorers could just reach round). Everyone was getting a bit tired by this time and we headed back to the car in easy stages once more.John Dye

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