Expedition 55 - 4th November 2000
Langal and the Low Road

We had several explorers away to Murrayfield for the Rugby match and word didn't get round to the others so we had only six explorers this time: Aelish, Amy, Claire, David John, Ellen MacG., and Kathryn with Ewen and Mairi to help.

We started out from Langal and moved along the Low Road counting all the Funerary Cairns as we went. When we got to the far bridge we made a small detour to look for the old clay pit which Ewen had once collected clay from. Shortly after this we walked across the field to Austin's Croft where John showed everyone the big old foundation stones which were part of the house built by Father Austen in 1788. Then we walked up the road to Mrs Parrish's house, counting cairns on the way. At the Old Poor's House, John explained how the building was once a church, then three small houses for poor people and finally had been converted into a single house. We all went in and had scones and also a look at the big map on the wall.

After a rest the expedition resumed with a walk down the road to Langal, stopping to examine an old structure which could be a round house. We drove to Mingarry and had another quick walk up into the woods to see four houses of old Mingarry village, together with some of the cultivation areas.

The Pictures
Mairi (M.B.) did a sketch of three of the cairns and the caims also featured in pictures by Ellen and Claire, both of whom tried to cover the entire expedition, Ellen's picture of Austin's Croft is particularly good, showing the large stones close to the ground. E.B. (Aelish?) did a very nice picture of Mrs Parrish's house showing a cairn and two explorers and a dog outside. Amy drew a picture of her and David John having an argument, although they got on quite well really, and Ewen (signing himself as Amy!) did several good drawings of features all through the walk. Kathryn obviously thought the outing was too cold and drew her cup of soup. David John did a picture showing the buildings associated with Father Austin: the church the two poor houses (with someone working on the roof) and his small cottage. John Dye


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