Expedition 51 - 9th September 2000
Gortenfern to the Singing Sands

It was over a year since we had made the successful expedition to Gortenfern and there had been many requests for a return visit. This time we had two specific targets: Tobermory's Cave and St Finan's Seat. There was a good turnout: ten explorers, Claire, David John, Fraser, Iain, JD, Karen, Kathryn, Keiran, Robert and Sean, with Sharon and Sheila helping and driving the 4-wheel drive vehicles. Before we started, the explorers went to the graveyard to see the grave of 'Wee Tobermory'. We assembled at the Arivegaig Bridge and everyone piled into the big cars for the drive to Gortenfern. At Tobermory's Cave we all got out and had a bit of a scramble around the rocks before we finally found it, complete with his enamel mug and mess tin. Several of us got wet getting back to the car, but we pressed on and the vehicles got all the way up to the Acarsaid track before we had to start walking. After a much-needed snack we pushed on up the hill and eventually reached St Finan's Seat, with a fine view of the Green Isle down Loch Shiel. We should have had a view of Skye but it was very misty.
Then it was back to the path and down to the cars for another bouncy drive to the Singing Sands, although the weather was damp and they weren't singing at the time.
In spite of a stiff breeze and fairly low sea temperature, the explorers couldn't miss the opportunity and almost all of them dashed into the sea - only Claire stayed dry and comfortable and she spent some time heating water in John's Volcano Kettle - just a trial since John had forgotten the cups and soup. Then it started to rain and those who weren't totally wet soon became so. In the unpopular decision of the responsible adults, the greatest priority became baths and dry clothes so neither pictures nor Mave's featured in this trip. John Dye

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