Expedition 42 - 4th March 2000
Salen and Tarbert

After a frosty night the morning was clear and cold with a fresh powdering of snow. Numbers of explorers have still not reached the level of the warmer weather: Amie MacMaster, David John, Iain, DJ, and Robert, with Frances Maclean.

Since there was a cold wind from the north and none of the explorers had covered the previous Salen expedition, we decided to explore Salen and Tarbert again. We went through the village on the north side, looking at the hotel, Skipper's Cottage, the old store, the site of the tailor's house, The site of the bobbin mill and the old police station. We continued to the west end of the village and looked at the site of the old toll house before climbing the hill in a snow shower to look at the four remaining houses of Tarbert village.

Then we returned by the shore line looking at the site of the old slipway for C.D.Rudd's yacht and the outcrop of foamy rock which could be pumice. We then looked at the old steamer pier, Peter Hume, the policeman's house and the Salen Jetty with the two large buoys by the road. We then returned to the Centre for soup and rolls.

The Pictures
in spite of some high activity by the boys, probably brought about by the availability of snow for snowball fights during the expedition, everyone produced a reasonable picture, with a variety of subjects being chosen: Amie showed everyone on the rocks by the shore with a tree on one side and the dotted rock to represent the pumice outcrop, lain did a fantastic picture of C.D.Rudd's yacht up on the slipway, David John, adopting his minimalist style, showed the two buoys at the jetty, JD showed the stumps of the piles of the old steamer pier sticking out of the rocks and Robert showed a liner in the Harland and Wolf shipyard in Belfast, which was featured in an old photograph of C.D.Rudd's yacht shown to the group. In spite of bubbling high spirits throughout the walk, these pictures showed that the explorers were really paying a lot of attention throughout.
John Dye


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