Expedition 27 - 26th June 1999
Smirisary to White Sands

A nice dry day with a cool breeze. The explorers were: Anne Marie, Charlene, Claire, Iain, Laura, Karen, Margaret and Robert plus Sandra and Sheila.

The expedition started from the Smirisary car park and the first part of the journey retraced our route of the previous Samalaman expedition to the point where we left the shore. We walked along the shore examining each of the ruined houses of old Smirisary, stopping for a break when we reached the first renovated house.

We then walked through the pasture lands of old Smirisary, taking a good look at Mrs MacIsaac's Jacob's Sheep. When we reached the beach there was a fine precipitous path which gave a great photo opportunity. From this point the expedition took the path along the cliffs until we reached the waterfall where another break was in order.

The next stage, from the waterfall to the White Sands, seemed to go on forever and several explorers were feeling the strain. However, once the sands were reached and the opportunity to paddle and swim became available, all thought of fatigue disappeared.

The Pictures
lain did a nice comprehensive expedition drawing showing the car, one of the reconstructed houses, two Jacob's sheep and some explorers in the sea, Robert's drawing was rather similar. Claire also showed people on the beach and the rest drew houses or sheep.

John Dye

Kinlochmoidart House from the Three Old Maids

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