Expedition 20 - 2nd April 1999
Samalaman to Smirisary

For this expedition we had perfect weather except for a little sea mist which prevented us getting views of Rhum and Eigg.
The explorers were: Amy, Claire, Iain, Karen, Margaret, Maxine plus Iain.
The expedition started from Samalaman Beach where the explorers looked at Johnny Bell's house, where he saw an otter on his doorstep, and the old estate boat shed which used to be used for dances in the old days.
We then took the coast path through the woods to Rab MacArthur's house where we looked at the old jetty and the unusual boat-shaped shed which had a McCall's lemonade bottle in the wall.
We followed the path up the hill to the bench seat at the top which was made for Graham Croall when he was ill and then moved down to the beach to examine two walled-off cave dwellings near the beach.
On the beach we passed some large boulders which could have been thrown up by a tsunami-wave and then came to a small settlement with several well built roofless houses and another walled - off cave, this one rather smaller than the others.
We climbed round a headland, past a big block of rubber and over a tangle of huge rope before we reached another settlement with a very large natural cave in the cliff. Inside the cave were many spiders with hanging egg cases like the ones we saw at Dorlin on 5th December. We carried on around the coast to another group of houses, probably the first part of Smirisary, and climbed the hill and cut across it (climbing through a fence in the process) to examine a ruined house with triangular windows. Amy had a nasty fall at this point and got her wrist bound up by Margaret and Maxine, the first use of the First Aid Kit.
From this point we climbed through the old village to the end of the public road and began the walk back to the beach. At Samalaman house we looked at the old building over the stream which is popularly called a toilet but which may be a clack mill. We looked at the old stable buildings and got a distant view of the small loch before returning to the car.
On the way back the explorers stopped at Kinlochmoidart Bridge to examine the inscriptions and try to decipher some of them. We found a lizard basking on the parapet in the sunshine.
Thoroughly tired, the explorers returned to Mave's for lunch before going to the Centre.

The Pictures
The walk had been hot and tiring and only three pictures were completed;
Maxine (I think, it was unsigned), did a composite picture showing an old
house, the fence they climbed over and a strange stone shaped like a number
one which she found on the beach, lain drew one of the many old houses we
saw and Amy drew Rab MacArthur's house near the beach.

John Dye


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