Expedition 17 - 20th February 1999
High Mingarry

The weather forecast was grim so we went to High Mingarry for a second time, to avoid the wind and rain.
We had thirteen explorers on this trip: Allan, Amy, Ellen MacG., David John, Kathryn, Jennifer, Margaret, Maxine, Robbie, Robert and Robin, plus Doreen, Frances and Sheila.

The expedition went up through Mingarry Wood, taking a diversion to look at a very old wall and a small building which could have been a fort. We went through t he top gate and turned right to go up the route of the stream to see where there used to be an illicit still. We then rejoined the path and, noting the frog spawn on the way, climbed up to a Douglas Fir at the top of the village to examine the effects of a lightning strike a few weeks ago. Then we crossed the hill in the rain and wind to reach the big rock where we took photographs in August and then on to Domhuill Dubh Laidir's Bridge. We climbed back down the glen to the gate and got quickly back to the warmth of the Centre.

The Pictures
Several of the children adopted a minimalist approach, expressing their memories of the expedition in the form of very simple drawings, almost diagrams. Claire showed the hills, stream and two trees, David John took two sheets to show the big hill with the stone on the side, Robin showed the stream and the hill and Amy showed Domhuill Dubh Laidir on his bridge. Allan also showed the bridge with a ghost under it to represent the man in the coffin which got washed away and a scared observer on the bridge. Most of the others showed the struck tree, with the scar down its trunk, Ellen included the black dog which accompanied the expedition, Claire showed the nearby stream and Jennifer showed the explorers (and dog) beside the tree. Robert, as ever, adopted an individual approach and did a picture of Domhuill Dubh Laidir with muscles bulging on his arms and, incongruously wearing glasses.

John Dye

Domhuill Dubh's Bridge


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