Expedition 13 - 21st November 1998
Salen and Sailean na Cuileag

After a good dry week the weather turned nasty and all the hill walks were out so we went to firmer ground around Salen.
The expeditions members (reduced by winter coughs and colds) were Aileen, Allan, Amy, David, Ewen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Maxine, Robert and Sheila.

We first looked at Bruch a'Nighean Alasdair where we saw a red deer within the forest walk area. Then we moved up the road a short distance to look at the cairn commemorating Allan 'Ardery' Cameron.

The main walk was through the forestry block down the path to Sailean na Cuileag, looking at the big cairn and the old oak tree on the way. When we reached the beach we looked at the hollow in the rocks called a bait mortar, which several of the members drained so that we could examine the smooth bottom of the bowl. Then we crossed the beach and looked at some large garnets in a crevice before examining a possible old settlement site and a strange holly tree. On the beach were the remains of two halves of a fishing boat which had been torn apart in a storm.

Then we returned to the car and moved back to the area above Salen Hotel where we climbed down the bank and across the wood to reach the ancient burial chamber. David took some photographs of the explorers lying in the grave!

Back to the car and another drive to the electricity sub-station where everyone crossed the road and climbed the fence to look at the 'secret cairn' which nobody seems to know anything about. John told the group about a murder and a ghost story associated with this place.
Then the group investigated the forestry area above the sub-station and climbed down into a small stream bed to look at a waterfall.
Finally we took another car trip to the EFG car park and examined a route for the new path above the road, looking at some bat boxes in a tree on the way.

When we returned to the Resource Centre, Sheila prepared soup and tea for us all.

John Dye

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